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Most of the images you see on this page are older images which I have manipulated using Photoshop. I find roughly 90 percent of these images thanks to the New York Public Library’s Digital Collection. The images I select and alter, due to their extreme age (and listing as public domain), should preclude me from erroneously using or manipulating a copyrighted image.

Another source of images you see are from internet searches. The images were specifically marked, Public Domain, and, Labeled for Reuse and Modification, at the time of their upload and alteration. If I have made an error, or you have become the owner of an image I have used, contact me and I will have it removed immediately.

With that being said, if you feel I have used any copyrighted image, or worse, an image owned by you, contact me and I will have it removed immediately.

Images created by me are free to share. You can link them back if you choose (I’d love you for it) but it’s not a requirement. Most of my imagery is used for educational purposes and I encourage you to do the same.

The only exception are images where I state they are copyrighted by me and not free to share. This is written clearly in the images photo caption (not the waterstamp on the image, but the caption below the image).  These are images I own and use for my books and publishable works.

Cited or Quoted Works

I strive to cite, reference, and link each and every quote, book, and piece of information I pull from external sources. I also work to only use small portions of books and materials to assist in both understanding and teaching.

With that being said, if you feel I have overstepped my bounds and have used too much of your book or reference material, please contact me and I will have it removed immediately.

Amazon Associates Program

Here on the site info page I like to disclose that this page is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.

What does that mean? Any link you click that directs you to Amazon allows this site to earn advertising fees. If you actually end up buying something, I receive a tiny portion of the proceeds for pointing you in their direction.

Are you spying on me, Corey?  I’m not, and I have no way of tracking you, your information, or your traffic on the Amazon side of the house.

Are you getting rich from this?  Well, if you count the $2.30 I’ve made over the last two weeks as riches, then yes. Truth be told, I’ve always linked books and reference materials to improve my blog posts and provide readers with more information. This is just a way for this site to generate a tiny amount of money from doing what it was doing in the first place.

FTC Disclosure
Some of the links on my pages are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link/image and purchase the item, I’ll receive a small affiliate commission. You do not pay more for these items because of the commission. FTC: 16 CFR, Part 255.