Hurricane Hermine: Potential Evacuation

Hurricane_Warning.jpgHey there my literary storm chasers!  Instead of your regularly scheduled blog, today is just a short update.  I live on the coast in South Carolina so we are preparing for potential evacuation due to Hurricane Hermine.  My wife has been sent home from work and if they call and tell her we need to evacuate (she’s in the military) off we go.

I told baby Thor to stop beating on his anvil, but no, he had to go whip a hurricane into existence.  I don’t think we are in any immediate danger, but only a fool doesn’t prepare for potential outcomes.  We’ll be packing diaper bags, stocking the car, getting our cat Niblet’s stuff together, and preparing for the exodus west.  Fun times!

Until tomorrow (or whenever I can get back to a computer) keep reading, keep writing, and as always – stay dry…

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